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2011 Sale Book

2011 Sale Report

Ogeechee Angus Farm/CAM Ranches Sale
May 7, 2011

Overall 97 lots grossed $373,650 to average $4,017
CAM Ranches grossed $118,400 to average $5,638 on 21 lots

Sale Features Included:

Lot 1 — Maplecrest Rita F349
Greatest Ambush 28 daughter in the breed today. Sold one-half interest for
$25,000 to Delta H Ranch, Greensboro, GA.

Lot 10C — Pregnancy by MCC Daybreak out of GAR 5050 New Design A84.
Sold for $15,000 to Rocking W Angus, Commerce, GA.

Lot 10D — GAR 5050 New Design A0013
Full sister to the impeccable A84. Sold for $16,000 to Gary Taylor, Memphis, TN.

Lot 20 — Blackstone Rita 7186
Sold for $10,000 to C and T Cattle Enterprises, Sandersville, GA.

Three top fall pairs in sale were Lots 16, 25, and 29
Sold to Rocking W Angus, Lone Wolf, Coolidge, TX, and Rocking F, Carnesville,
GA for $8,650, $7,100, and $6,250, respectively.