Southern Synergy of Ogeechee Farms and CAM Ranches

A breeding program supplying registered and commercial producers with seedstock isn't a challenge. However, it's a challenge to supply the beef industry with cattle designed to be profitable and relevant from gate to plate. With nearly a decade of experience in registered seedstock production and a lifetime of beef industry experience, the Southern Synergy of Ogeechee Farms and CAM Ranches is even more committed to the efficient production of high-valued registered Angus seedstock.

Progress is only progress if it's objectively measurable. As Gardiner Angus Allied Producers, Southern Synergy bulls are marketed through Gardiner Angus Ranch’s four sales each year. The bulls must compete with nearly 2,000 head to be included in one of the largest, most elite offerings of herd sire prospects to sell anywhere in the U.S. The Southern Synergy females, full sibs and flush mates to the bulls, are marketed in the Southern Synergy annual female production sale held the second Saturday in April each year. These genetics are the result of objective, disciplined selection and are generationally stacked for calving ease, growth, optimum maternal and end product merit.

Focus, commitment, careful analysis of objective data and effective use of science and technology are simply "good business". Add customer service, personal integrity and a passion to make positive contributions to the beef industry. The result is an unmatched Southern Synergy of simplified solutions to complex beef industry problems.